Wednesday, May 21, 2014

it's done....

available for digital download and on cassette tape / CD for now, vinyl tba

artwork by Nicole Donnelly

Friday, January 17, 2014

  new album, INTRA-, INTERSECT, spring 2014

:::: single track releases can be found here:

:::: new shows added

::::(image/design by Molly Steadman) 

Sunday, December 1, 2013

    we began recording a new album in late november!!!!

new songs/included tracks:

we know now

will never

saying the 
same thing

there is no

for here / for now  

what happened here

release date:

sometime in spring 2014

Friday, October 5, 2012

ex. by v. -----

 overwhelmingly DIY---/lo-fi/experimental/thrash/punk/noise/
/prose two-piece band hailing from philly, PA 

see link:
 OUR NEW FULL LENGTH ALBUM ---  shifted red --- can be heard through the above link!!!
she lost it there on the side of some rural route, those grasses needed to be cleansed               
tapping twigs against thighs, right below midnight blue canopies
caressing piano wires,
               layers of liberation, dream states are an eternity
quiet kissing and shaded streets

                                                      and the paint will peel                 by word & by deed

               with gray curls dancing quite wildly within brightened winds              
            its ink from a quill and a little bit of blood there

because these words ------ fire from me                            

                                      -----The exhumation of 
                                                                verse breeds


 EX. By V. is
         Ksenya Leah Basarab (leah b.) --- bass guitar, words, vocals, other noises and such

Ron Basarab --- drums, voice of reason, and so forth

                  support trans/queer punk arts activism -----